​​With integrated one stop solutions, we can implement best practices to optimize quality of your project on time. A highly accomplished installation minimizes malfunctions, is easy to maintain and provides high quality signals for the longest time possible. MSI has access to a pool of personnel with a variety of skills, all of whom have formidable and truly global installation experience, which adds true value and performance to the project. 
MSI boasts for extensive portfolio in both commer­cial and government facilities with commendable performances. MSI has numerous strong experi­ences with following clients to prove our capabili­ties; CNN, C-SPAN, NBC, Yahoo, MHZ, Worship Centers, Andrew Air Force Base, House of Repre­sentatives, United States Special Operations Com­mand, Defense Media Activities, Office of Naval In­telligence, and more. 

MSl's proven past performances include; 

•    Video Teleconferencing (VTC)

•    Software Integration and Operations                   Engineering

•    System Manufacturing and Pre-Assembly
•    On-Site Installation
•    Television Production and/or Post-Production       Facility
•    Cable Network Origination Facility (Cable           Head-End) or Open-Source Facility
•    Qualified Personnel

​MSI is proud to present mission-critical turnkey tech­nology platforms and facilities used by government and commercial customers to yield significant oper­ation efficiencies. We design the project in complete detail down to the last cable and connector. From inception to completion, we offer efficient engineer­ing services for budget driven projects, while still providing high end technologies and sophisticated designs. 
MSI engineers have an extensive background and broad knowledge of the converged digital media markets in all aspects of television production and engineering, emerging digital media technologies, and broadband network and services. By providing a design team, we offer the best skills in designing and implementing internal project-management tac­tics. We promise to deliver superior products and services to MSl's digital supply chain customers. 

MSl's key design services include; 

•    Multimedia and Visual Information (VI)
•    Systems Design and Engineering
•    Drafting and Documentation
•    Equipment Specification and Procuremen

Determining the right technology at the right cost is very essential to any project's structure. MSI has developed a broad network range of equipment manufacturers enabling us to offer cost-effective equipment to meet your project needs. 


Integrity driven integration.     Experience you can trust.

      Media Systems Integration


MSl's management program guarantees; 

•    Project Management
•    Work Flow Analysis
•    System Acceptance Testing/Training
•    Systems Maintenance and Life-Cycle Support

MSl's managerial approach concentrates on a sim­ple yet concise resolution. Our management team ensures successful implementation of a project from start to finish. We encourage a strong commitment to communication from our clients as well as our team to assure a prosperous completion. 
MSI supports the full life cycle of your system while providing ongoing client support. MSI renders full support in technical skills, experience, and profes­sionalism in combination with strong management and maintenance support capabilities. 
In addition to MSl's superior management, we of­fer hands on training and serve as members of the following; Acoustical Society of America, lnfocomm International, and Synergetic Audio Concepts.